Thursday, January 5, 2012

Two Doves Painting

I had fun doing a free-form type of painting today. I picked some bright colors, and ended up with two beautiful birds in flight =)

For Sale at Ebay, Two Doves, Original Acrylic Painting on Watercolor Paper


  1. I love this Kathryn! I love the colors and the movement of the painting! Well done ;o)

  2. Oh my goodness - this is a simply stunning painting, Kathryn. :) So gentle and definitely shows movement. Happy New Year to you and yours, by the way! Hope it's a magical year for you!

  3. Thanks, Stacy =) I'm so glad you enjoyed the spirit of this painting. I love it when there's movement in a painting. I feel that it draws you into that world. Kathryn

  4. Thank you, Theresa =) Happy New Year to you, too! I wish you all the best in the coming year =) Kathryn

  5. Birds! My favorite, and they are beautiful.

  6. Love the doves, they almost merge as one - like they are joined, maybe they are love birds :)

    1. Good observation, Shelle =) All of my work has an underlying theme of Oneness. Its especially apparent in the expressions that I allow to flow freely from my heart into paint. You might call them Divine Love Birds ;)Kathryn