Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Red Sky Sunset - ACEO Theme Week

My favorite type of sky to look at is a fabulous, tropical red sunset. So, when I found out that August's ACEO Theme Week contest theme was "Sky", I just had to put one of my most cherished experiences on paper!

This ACEO (Art Card, 2.5x3.5in) is painted in acrylics, and was a blast to create.The reds in this painting are even more beautiful than the camera could capture, believe it or not!
Red Sunset ACEO painting Thanks! =)Kathryn

ps-You can search "aceo tw aug" on eBay to see all of the great interpretations of the August theme, "Sky"! (ACEO Theme Week runs the 1st-7th of each month)


  1. Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the color! Well done ;o)

  2. Thank you so much, Stacy!!! =) Kathryn

  3. Wishing I was seeing this beautiful sunset in person!

  4. That is my favorite type of sunset - fiery reds and oranges. Beautiful!