Saturday, March 19, 2011

Celebrate Oz Party and Giveaway

Welcome to the party!

Its time to share how the Wizard of Oz has delighted, amazed, changed and inspired us!! Whether you remember your first time seeing it or you remember certain beloved parts or images of the story...or just how it makes you feel, you are in the right place =)

Let me start by introducing one of the paintings Oz has inspired from me. This original acrylic ACEO is my door prize that you can enter to win. Just leave a comment at the end of this post, on March 19 or 20th, and you will be entered to win. I will announce the winner on March 21st....and here it is....

"Ruby Slippers"

So, what is it about this movie? Its everything has imagination, and heart and love of home and the ones who matter...a great adventure with good friends...a fabulous dream...a good feeling inside.

It begins like any ordinary day in the life of any ordinary girl with hopes, dreams, challenges, and her struggle for identity. Then, disaster strikes and takes us on a wild ride, mixing reality and fantasy.

Early on, Dorothy's sweetest companion Toto is taken from her, but didn't we all cheer when Toto made his escape ? =)

A life-threatening tornado whips the farmhouse up and away! When the dust settles, Dorothy opens the door to a brand new world that none of us could have expected..Wow!

Munchkins venture out from their hiding places....

A beautiful, fairy-like lady appears from the sky! Glinda the Good Witch is my favorite part of this movie =) To me, she represents the guardian angel that is there for each of us...pure goodness...always standing by, always loving us and helping us.

Of course, the struggle of good and evil is also present in this strange land. We are reminded of that when the Ruby Slippers are revealed!

Dorothy wants nothing to do with the Wicked Witch, but she does want to find her way home. Glinda places the Ruby Slippers on Dorothy's feet, giving her protection from the Wicked Witch. She tells Dorothy to go to the Wizard of Oz in Emerald City for help, and the munchkins send her down the Yellow Brick Road. Along the way, she meets a Scarecrow, TinMan and Cowardly Lion....

When the Scarecrow dances he flops and wobbles. The TinMan needs oiling...and the Cowardly Lion pretends to be fierce!

The Wicked Witch tries everything she can to stop them...including a Sleepy Poppy Field. But Glinda makes it snow, and awakens Dorothy, Toto and the Lion. Finally, they all reach the Door to Emerald City =)

But the Wizard wants the Wicked Witch's broomstick and the new friends have to deal with flying monkey guards. In all of this struggle, the Scarecrow lights afire and the Wicked Witch melts in the water that saves the Scarecrow!.....

They bring the Witch's broomstick to the Wizard, but the Wizard is not all he appears to be. He is a man with a balloon, but the balloon takes off to Kansas without Dorothy.

Luckily, Glinda knows best =) She tells Dorothy to close her eyes and wish with all of her might. Three clicks of her heels and "There's no place like home"....and Dorothy opens her eyes to the world she knows. Her family and friends are so happy to have her back, and she is SO HAPPY to see them!!!

And weren't we all so happy for her!? Yay =)
Well, all of this has made me want to watch the movie again, LOL!
But before I do that, let me share with you the painting of Glinda that I'm currently working on. This is my favorite image from the movie, and I think its coming along nicely =)

Its been wonderful sharing the love of this wonderful story with all of you. Just remember......

There's no place like home =)


  1. Great post!I love your ruby slippers drawing :-)

  2. Great Oz post! And I adore the ruby slippers drawing you have done! Thanks for sharing some great photos from the film!

  3. As I said on your earlier post, I LOVE your sparking shoes. And now I'll have to watch the movie again, just to cheer when Toto makes back to his furry mommy.

  4. Hey Kathryn ;o) Great post!! I will be back to read the rest ;o) Of course, put me into your giveaway ;o) Love the aceo! Make sure to come by my blog!! Have fun at the party! Take Care!

  5. Hi Kathryn, Love all the photos and your aceo is spot on. There is so much to enjoy in the movie, and I come away with "possibilities."

  6. Wonderful post and the photos are such a lovely trip down memory lane! Your painting is beautiful.

  7. What a fun post! When I was a girl, I used to be SO afraid of the scene where the witch's ruby slippers are shown underneath the house! I would cover my eyes when her legs shriveled up. LOL Now, I own very own pair of ruby slippers. :) I love clicking my feet together when I wear them. I watched the movie EVERY year when it was shown on TV; as an adult, I discovered Gregory Maguire and the book "Wicked." Then, of course, I HAD to see the musical. So fabulous!!! :) Thank you for creating such a lovely keepsake for the classic. I shall keep my feet crossed! ;) Theresa

  8. this movie will never go out of style. I don't know what it is that I like best, there are so many elements.
    Your artwork is just perfect for the movie! great job!

  9. I love your watching the movie. Your painting is awesome....please throw me into your heart. Isn't the wonderful thing is....yes you can go home again.

  10. Kathryn, thank you for your delightful post...interrrupted but forthcoming and you amazing ACEO. I so appreciate you taking a chance on an unknown commodity in Celebrate Oz and trusting that it would be a good thing. You and the other participants have my undying gratitude for making my dream come true in all of us clicking our heels together and coming to Celebrate Oz. xOxO /The Olde Bagg, Linda

  11. Hey Kathryn ;o) I'm back again! Great post my friend! And, I love the painting you are working on now! Great stuff! I hope you're having a fun day! Take Care!

  12. "There's no place like home", I have a room dedicated to the Wizard of Oz and love your ruby slipper art work. Please enter me in your drawing, I would love to add it to my collection. Have a great weekend, Kim

  13. I'm back again too :-)
    How did you make the bubble look so real? your new painting is gorgeous, I can't wait to see it when it's done.

  14. lol Your making me want to watch it again too. Such a special movie. I love both of your Oz artworks. I love the bubble that Glinda arrived in.

  15. Oh I love your post and pics. Thanks for participating in the Oz party. My favorite character was Glenda. As a little girl watching the movie for the first time, Glenda was so beautiful. I remember wanting a dress like Glenda.

  16. Lovely post taking us through the story again - I always enjoyed the movie and this Oz Party inspired me to go to my local library and rent the whole Oz series for I am very curious in learning all the novels...there really is no place like home and home is where the heart is - it's not really a place, but a state of mind to me.

    Thanks for stopping by. Your Aceos are lovely!

  17. I love this movie!!! Your Ruby Slippers ACEO is wonderful!!! I like the part when she asks Glinda: "So I have to ask you are you a witch?"
    Dorthy: "Who me? Why I'm not a witch at all!"

  18. Kathryn, thank you I enjoyed reading your post. I would love to be entered to win your wonderful ACEO, the ruby slippers really sparkle.

  19. Thank you for letting me know that you had completed this post. I enjoyed is so much and oh yes, I was so very happy for her when she woke in her own bed surrounded by familiar faces. (sigh.)

    I returned to see your stunning painting of Glinda. It is so beautifully done. You have such a soft sweet style.

  20. Your blog is beautiful! You hit all the right places with these great photos! The sepia ones are my favorites and are the ones that I used to make my OZ quilt for a friend who collects all types of antiques and has a new room in her house dedicated to OZ. I'd love for you to check it out ... I'm hoping it will influence you to pick me ... pick me. I'd love to win your wonderful painting!!!

  21. Thanks everyone for stopping by to celebrate with me =) LOL, to Quilts Sew Shabby. Just so you all know, you can comment all day Sunday for the Ruby Slippers Giveaway. I'll put all the entrants names in a big bowl and have hubby draw the lucky winner at midnight. I'll announce the winner in a blogpost on Monday, March 21. Good luck to all!!

  22. I love your tribute...some of the pictures were really different...thank you for sharing!
    I would love to be part of the giveaway...tell your hubby please please please pick me!
    I am also have a giveaway....I hope you have a minute to come on over..I have 3 original paintings to give a home too!

  23. What a beautiful giveaway, and lovely trip through Oz. Tomorrow I'm wearing the ruby slippers and taking the bucket of water to work...

  24. Hello there!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    I love your ruby slippers painting!!!
    Please enter my name in your drawing!

  25. I hope I'm not too late for the drawing , I would love to win that beautiful painting !

  26. You are so right... there's no place like home :) great post, although I'm late because I was out of town I'm still going to check on all the OZ celebrations, so much fun :)