Monday, January 31, 2011

The Gothic Heart

Here's my entry into the February Sea Gods Artists/Mermaid group challenge.


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Here are the other entries for the monthly Sga(Sea Gods Mermaid Artists) group. The theme is gothic mermaid valentine's day. Below are links to a few entries of my fellow Sga Group artists. Hope you enjoy this fabulous fantasy art! :

Gothic Vampire Mermaid by Elisa Chong

Goth Mermaids by Dawn Russell

Vivi-Anne by Maigan Lynn

Dark Heart by Jade Bengco

Gothic Valentine by Amber Day

My Heart is Whole by Jessica Faerie


  1. Kathryn she is so pretty and I love the colors. A mermaid, a heart and a rose...who can ask for more that that :)

  2. Now This is cool Kathryn!! I REALLY like this one!!!!

  3. Thanks, Jan :) The theme was "Mermaid Goth Valentine", but I just had to make her pretty, lol!

  4. So glad you love it, Stacy =) I was trying to make the heart look like glass with a glowing light inside.

  5. I'm visiting from the paint party but got carried away with your past posts,, your work is beautiful ,, I'm your newsest follower,, such lovely work,, I also checked out your Etsy wow, you are a busy person!