Saturday, July 23, 2011

PPF - A Day Late....Girl with Kitten Portrait

I have finally finished the portrait of my niece and her kitten...Yay!! I actually worked on this one for over a year. Still not sure its quite right, but I think I'd better give it to her before she gets gray hair, LOL!

Happy Paint Party Friday to All =) Kathryn

Weds, July 27th....
Gosh, I forgot to include the photo that I was working from!
Here it is:

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Rainbow of Fused Glass Pendants with Dichroic Bits

These sparkly, colorful pendants are my latest creations....little abstracts made from shards of glass with iridescent glass sprinkled on top! They'll be listed in my shop soon. Just wanted to give my blogging friends a sneak peek =) Kathryn

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Hand Painted Fused Glass Pendants - PPF

I've been having fun painting these precious pendants. Its time-consuming work, but so fascinating to create them. I take scrap glass and break it into small pieces with pliers, paint on it, place a piece of clear glass on top, then fire it in the kiln to approx 1450 degrees.
I am new to using the Glassline Paints, and so it is challenging. As I work, the paint dries to a chalky white, making it difficult to see the design and color. I never know what they will look like until I open the kiln the next morning...kind of like a treasure chest! =)

You'll notice that I've been making lots of kitty faces, and that's because I support our local cat rescue organization. For each fused glass pendant I sell, I donate $5.00 to Gulf Shore Animal Leage of Manatee County, Florida. When you purchase these items, you are contributing to their worthy cause.

I'm in the process of listing these cuties for sale, and hope to have them all listed very soon... Kathryn
Click Here to See Pendants For Sale Now!

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Mermaids, Mermaids, Mermaids! PPF

Did you know that the very first Mermaid Convention will be held in Las Vegas this August?

If you're a mermaid lover like me, you'll want to check it out...MerCon

Good news for those of you that are mermaid artists. The organizers of this event are happy to help promote your work. Visit to find out more.

I'm donating these ACEO prints to be included in gift baskets that will be given out at the convention.

Visit my Mermaid and Dolphin page
to see more!

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Collage and Paper Crafter

My good friend Wendy is an exceptional paper crafter, and has started her magical hand at making collage on canvas. Visit her new blog for step by step instructions on how to create fabulous collaged canvases and more...
Distinctly Crafted.
Do make sure you leave a comment to welcome her to the blogger community =)

Also, be sure to visit Wendy's Etsy Shop to see her delightful collection of specially ornamented greeting cards!

Welcome Wendy!!...and Happy Crafting =) Kathryn

Friday, July 1, 2011

Paint Party Friday - Happy Independence Day!

Today, I painted this piece for the ACEO Theme Week Challenge. The theme this month is "Patriotic". I hope the image inspires you to appreciate the freedoms we are celebrating this weekend ", liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

Fourth of July, Acrylic ACEO Painting

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